CX - SSE Sprayed Quick-setting Rubber Bituminous Coating

Product description:

SSE spraying quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a new type of anti-corrosion coating developed by North Chuangxin with advanced technology from Europe and America. It is made of a variety of polymer emulsions and microemulsion anion modified asphalt. Modified asphalt is used as a base material, together with antifungal agent, dispersant and other additives (referred to as A component) and special film-forming agent (component B), which are formed by spraying and mixing on site special equipment. A super-high-elastic and super-adhesive heavy-duty anti-corrosive coating with dense and complete anti-corrosion, anti-seepage and resistance to various complex corrosive environments. The product can be used in harsh corrosive environments, and has a longer protection period than conventional anti-corrosion coatings. It is resistant to strong acid, alkali, salt, hot and cold alternating and aging. The coating achieves an effective combination of advanced production processes and construction processes, and changes the traditional anti-corrosion coatings by manual painting, which greatly promotes the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment.

1. Superior chemical resistance
The anti-corrosion coating has strong chemical resistance and can resist more than 10% of various acid, alkali and salt environmental solutions to ensure the structure is protected from erosion.
2. Excellent adhesion
Anti-corrosion coating is firmly bonded to various materials such as concrete, cement mortar, various metals, wood products, fiber fabrics, etc., and can not be peeled, peeled, or detached. It has been tested by national professional institutions and its adhesion is ≤1. level.
3. Ultra high elasticity
The coating elongation of SSE anti-corrosion products is 1000% higher and the recovery rate is over 90%, which can effectively solve the problems of corrosion and corrosion caused by stress deformation, temperature shrinkage and puncture.
4. Strong weather resistance
The coating of SSE anti-corrosion products can be exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, and it is basically not affected by UV, acid rain and salt spray corrosion for a long time; the product has been tested by national professional institutions and its aging resistance level is ≤1
5. Convenient construction, flexible and diverse SSE anti-corrosion coating is sprayed with special equipment, and the daily construction capacity can reach 1000m2/set; it can save labor and construction cost, shorten the construction period and improve work efficiency.
SSE anti-corrosion coating construction is matched with brush-type products. When the spraying operation is not easy to operate, it can be flexible and convenient by brushing and roller coating, which can meet the requirements of different construction working conditions.
Scope of application:
This product is suitable for all kinds of building (structure), above-ground, under or underwater steel structure, chemical machinery, pipelines, tanks, ships, bridges, docks, offshore facilities, hydraulic equipment, petroleum refining equipment, natural gas pipelines, Heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings on concrete, metal and wood surfaces such as garbage disposal, nuclear power, and mining smelting.

Construction process:
1. Grassroots processing:
a. Basic requirements for concrete base: the strength of the base layer should meet the design requirements; the surface should be dense and flat, and there should be no groundwater leakage, uneven subsidence, sanding, delamination, cracks, honeycomb and pockmark defects; moisture content of the base layer, In a thickness layer of 20 mm depth, it should not exceed 6%. If the block material is to be laid on the base layer, the iternal angle and externl angle should be made into a right angle. For other projects, which should be made into a circular arc or a 45° slope. The cleanliness, roughness, slope of the base surface and the penetration of the anti-corrosion layer. Embedded parts, reserved holes, etc.which are in compliance with the design regulations.
b. Basic requirements of the steel structure base layer: The surface of the steel structure base layer shall be sandblasted or shot blasted, and shall conform to the Sa2 standard; the surface of the steel structure base shall be rusted by hand or power tools, and shall conform to the St3 standard. The surface of the steel structure should be clean, free of welding slag, burrs, rust, oil and other attached debris. The surface roughness meets the design requirements. The anti-corrosion layer must be applied within 5 hours after the rust removal is completed.
c. The moisture content of wood should not exceed 15%; the surface of the wood base should be flat and free of defects such as oil, dust and resin.
3. Quality inspection, acceptance:
After the construction of the SSE anti-corrosion coating is completed, the quality inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations. Its product quality, coating conditions, construction process; coating adhesion, coating thickness and coating appearance quality, pinhole spark detection, coating curing time, post-damage repair and other main control projects and general projects After the inspection, all the qualified ones can be reported to the relevant competent authorities for acceptance.
4. Next step:
After the SSE anti-corrosion coating has passed the acceptance test, the next step of construction can be carried out according to the regulations or design requirements. When constructing the next step, professional anti-corrosion construction personnel should be sent to check and supervise the work to prevent damage caused by the coating, to ensure its complete, reliable, effective and long-term anti-corrosion effect.
Construction Notes:
1. Ensure that the site is well ventilated during construction. Smoking and use of open flames are strictly prohibited on site, and adequate fire extinguishing equipment is provided as required.
2. Construction workers should wear helmets and other related labor protection tools.
3. It is forbidden to cross-work other work types in the construction area. After the coating is completed, it should be protected according to the regulations or the next step.
4. After the paint is opened, it should be used up within the specified time to avoid waste. If the remaining paint in the barrel should be closed in time, the seal should be closed to prevent contamination, damage and incompatibility caused by the incorporation of debris, dust and rain.

Packaging, storage and transportation:
1. Spraying product A component liquid material is sealed in a plastic drum with cover, the net weight of the product is 200kg/barrel; the powder of component B of the spraying type product is sealed with plastic drum with cover, the net weight of the product is 15kg/barrel; The plastic drum with lid is sealed and the net weight is 20kg/barrel.
2. This product is non-flammable and explosive material and can be transported as general cargo. When transporting, it must be placed upright, no collision, extrusion, avoiding rain, exposure, freezing, and if necessary, cover the cloth and keep the packaging intact.
3. The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place. The storage temperature should be between 5 °C and 40 °C.
4. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, the storage period shall be no less than one year from the date of production; if the liquid component of sprayed product A is stored for a long time, it shall be stirred regularly (usually no more than two months) as required. Then store it in a sealed state.