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Enterprise Introduction

North Chuang Xin is a waterproof enterprise that continuously promotes innovation and development driving by the concept of differentiated decision-making. Our company located at Chuang Xin Technology Industrial Park responding to the call of “China Make 2025”. “City Partner”is our business model and network thinking is our focus in company operation. North Chuang Xin is continuously enriching the connotation of “City Partner” standing on the platform of “Chuang Xin Fund” and “The Dream of Xin” Business School. We are ambitious to promote the whole level of building materials industry, to build an industry chain in building materials field to push the transformation and upgrading of real estate conversely in the future. We are bound to grow into a platform-oriented enterprise that keeps pace with the times and guides with new business thinking.

Since its establishment, our company has been committed to solving the problem of waterproof leakage of buildings. It has carried out a comprehensive and targeted research on the problems, like traditional waterproof materials can’t meet the national and can’t effectively solve the problems of building leakage. To solve these problems, our company researched and developed a new product, cx-SSE spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof, which owns independent intellectual property rights and obtains national invention patent. The cx-SSE has the advantages of ultra-high elasticity, super-bonding, perfect coating, and zero-defect processing as well as energy conservation, environmental protection and accelerating construction speed. With this materials advantage, Chuang Xin’s research team developed a waterproof industry system after continuous analyzing and repeated test. This system is flexible to adapt various construction environments and solve various problems in different structural construction. The system centers on cx-SSE spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof and other auxiliary materials as assistance. Our waterproof industry system can avoid and pre-controll the on-site construction leakage effectively, which reflects our attitude of zero tolerance on construction leakage. North Chuang Xin has national qualifications on water-repellent, anti-corrosion and heat-preservation. All our products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO28001 occupational health and safety system certification as well as the Ministry of Housing and Construction's evaluation. North Chuang Xin is listed as the example brand of technical achievements in National Construction Industry and wins the titles of “Elite Enterprise”, “Industry Famous Brand” and “Waterproof Quality Silver Award”. Our product is listed as the most promising material in China's waterproof. It has been widely applied in subways, underground transportation, commercial, industrial and civil construction projects, and has achieved good social and economic effects. Our enterprise responsibility is fully reflected on these aspects.

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Business Model

With the unique waterproof industry system and the support of government project “China make 2025", we are looking for cooperation with urban partners from development companies and general contracting enterprises in building industry to form a connection between the source and the terminal, so that partners can revolutionize the cost while improving the quality of construction, and at the same time, the partners can also enjoy our listed dividend when North Chuang Xin becomes the listed company. Let’s make a cooperation and truly achieve a win-win situation!

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Enterprise Platform

“The Dream of Xin” Business School: An online interactive and offline course sharing platform gathering experts and senior executives from China’s real estate, financial capital, Internet, and business management. These elite experts share their specialized knowledge from multiple dimensions. Our business school topic covers the real estate innovative business models, real estate business marketing and management, Traditional industries such as Internet + transformation, China's capital market operation, professional financial investment, philosophy of Chinese business management.Our business school is striving to bring new ideas and methods to real estate enterprises through the ways of knowledge sharing, case study and resource docking. “Chuang Xin Technology Industrial Park”: The technology industrial park is designed as “One Park with Multiple District”. North Chuang Xin Group headquarters, as the core of the park, provides with technology research and development, intellectual output and capital operation. We are willing to build Chuang Xin intelligent factory by continuously attracting innovative technology of building materials into our park to provide real estate enterprises with a continuous stream of resources and values. At the same time, our park established a professional equity fund to fully intervene in China's rapidly developing innovative equity investment market by utilizing the capital and resource advantages of real estate enterprises . The combination of “Chuangxin Fund”, “The Dream of Xin”Business School and “Chuangxin Technology Industrial Park” will create an “incubator 4. 0 model” in Chinese real estate field.This Innovative incubator combines the industrial park, technology, intellectual services and investment resources as a integrity. When your company becomes a member of our city partner and together to establishe Chuangxin intelligent chemical industry, you will automatically obtain the seat in “Chuangxin Dream”Business School and “Chuangxin Technology Industrial Park”. Let's starting form the first step cooperation to lead the real estate's transformation and upgrading!

Our Status in the Industry

The state encourages the use of spray quick-setting waterproof coatings

Creating a "green building materials" industry platform

Transforming the waterproof industry with high-end talent strategy