Intelligent spraying robot

The intelligent spraying robot has excellent features that are unmatched by humans:
1.Intelligent spraying robot has good repeatability and high precision. Each unit has good film formation consistency and uniform jitoint. The corresponding spraying process , The speed is consistent, the deviation is small, the film formation is uniform, and the controllability is high; there is no interference from human factors, and the film formation quality is reliable.
2.Spraying trajectory automatically calculates the number of laps according to the input factors, ensures the thickness of the lap joint film and other consistency, and optimizes the film-forming effect.
3. Intelligent spraying robot can automatically calculate the number of units according to the size of the site and the unit, automatically arrange the spraying step, and automatically avoid obstacles such as beams and columns.

4. Automatically record relevant data, eliminating manual records, making records more accurate, and real-time data is more informative.
5. After the thickness of the spray have been set, the robot sprays independently, with high precision and reduced waste, ensuring the accuracy and pertinence of the engineering materials.
6. Greatly improved labor efficiency, labor intensity is no longer a problem, liberating the labor force, and greatly saving labor costs.
7. Robot management is simple and convenient, saving manpower costs and greatly saving management costs. Solved the problem of irregular construction and unprofessional construction.
All commercial buildings, regardless of size, can benefit from the features of North ChuangXin's smart solutions. Regardless of the type of commercial building, cost savings are a key factor in the installation of intelligent systems. For general commercial buildings, the amount of electricity consumed by lighting and central air conditioning (HVAC) is about 70% of the total. Such a high percentage represents a large amount of money and an adverse impact on the environment. If a commercial building is installed using North Chuangxin's smart solution, Which can reduce energy consumption at least 30%. Operating costs also will significantly reduced, while greatly reducing the environmental impact of the building. The intelligent system's intelligent control of lighting, HVAC and blackout curtains can help you achieve these cost savings. For example: If the room temperature is too low, the HVAC will automatically turn off, and the blackout curtains facing the sun will be put away. If an area in the building is not used, the HVAC and lights will automatically turn off. The Intelligent Building Intelligent Building solution requires no excessive user involvement. Simply put, we are building automation. If a system is automated or intelligent, it will be fast, efficient, and error-free. When the system finds an abnormality, it can immediately send the information to the end user via SMS or email. Cost Savings Although the original intention of intelligent building solutions, we should not ignore the security features that can be achieved. The sensor module Sensor module can find the security vulnerability Security vulnerability and prompt the relevant personnel. North Chuangxin provides integrated security solutions for buildings, including Glass break sensor, infrared (PIR), ultrasonic sensor and so on.