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Waterproof Industrial System

With the advent of the information age, pure product sales are far from meeting the needs of market. In order to change the situation of high leakage rate of China and the terminal users suffering, North Chuangxin launched waterproofing to the world in 2016. The industrial system of North Chuang Xin controls quality strictly from the range of raw material end, the production end, the construction end, and the service end, which makes these ends interlocking with each other and improves the quality of the whole industry chain. We aim to create a perfect peace-care project and solve the owner’s pain caused by "leakage". Hundreds of successful classic cases and highly endorsed results from end users show that the waterproof industry system truly serves end users and solve the problems of end user leakage.

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How to create Waterproof Industrial System?

The waterproof industrial system carries out the quality assurance and core technology improvement in the 7 procedures of raw materials, production line, core technology, serialization of construction equipment, standardization construction, artisan management platform and project archives. We turn back to pull up the waterproof standardization.

Waterproof Industrial System is ready to update the traditional production technology with nine national invention patents, six utility model patents and four appearance patents for spraying quick-setting waterproof coatings. The system is No.1 in China waterproof field and covers various engineering fields.
Waterproof Industrial System eliminate the production of fake and shoddy waterproof materials from the origin, since our system has the sole independent intellectual property rights and the only intelligent production line in China.
Waterproof Industrial System ensures the construction quality, improves labor efficiency, reduces costs, and reduces the impact of objective factors on construction quality as our system has the sole independent intellectual property rights and the only intelligent spraying equipment (1.0) in China.
North Chuangxin is the only national spraying product training base authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and aims to become a promoter for spray quick setting products and construction standards’ updating.