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The Business School was established in 2015 and was founded by Northern Chuangxin Technology Co., Ltd. Business School is committed to transforming traditional corporate management education into an innovative education system. The Business school are conducts online interactive and offline course sharing through real estate, financial capital, Internet, business management experts and executives. which covers real estate innovation business model and real estate enterprise marketing and management. We are trying to enrich the thinking innovation of the North Chuangxin team with knowledge sharing, case study and resource docking. Business school positioning:
As the management organization and implementation platform of the company's training system, the business school takes the enterprise development and talent development as the core to ensuring the needs of the company's strategic development through the training. In order to promote the realization of the company's strategy and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.
Business school value:
1. Promote the development strategy of supporting enterprises.
2. Create a talent pool within the team.
3. Enhance the core competitiveness of Northern Chuangxin.
4. Solving the practical problems of the enterprise.
5. Systematicly improve the professionalism of the whole team and employees.
6. Transforming from a traditional industry into an Internet platform model.
7. As an important team communication platform , its inject new business intelligence into the our company system.